Recruitment Process

The recruitment process for the construction industry employees need not be long and complex, especially when Higgins & McNulty guide you through the process.

Recruitment process

Recruitment Process for Employees

Higgins & McNulty is a specialist construction recruiting agency based in the UK. This means we specialise in assisting candidates to secure suitable roles in construction teams. We achieve this by pooling candidates based on skill and level of expertise. We thoroughly engage with potential employers assessing their specific requirements. We then match these requirements to the candidates within our pools, putting forward the best matched to the requirement. We use a detailed process in which we first engage with potential employers to see what they need. Then we contact the list of candidates in our pool and let them know of an opening and see if they are available.

The construction industry has grown extensively in the last few years. This makes the industry an increasingly competitive one. At Higgins & McNulty we pride ourselves on placing candidates successfully. Using our team’s extensive knowledge about C.V. drafting and what employers require you are sure to have a successful placement.

Why Choose Higgins & McNulty?

We differentiate ourselves from other recruitment agencies with our great communication. We care about putting the right person in the right role. We place the utmost importance on transparency, thus, we utilise a step-by-step process to keep prospective employees informed throughout the recruitment. At Higgins & McNulty we speak to prospective employers from the get-go. This allows us to build a profile of the perfect candidate for the role. If none of our candidates match the requirement we will advertise the role. Additionally, if we have a candidate with great skills but a weak CV, we will help that candidate tailor their CV highlighting the skills and strengths appropriate to the role. We strongly believe in bespoke CVs and cover letters, to spotlight the appropriate skills for a specific role. If we believe a candidate is not appropriate for a role we will share feedback on why they are not appropriate and advise on how to build their skills for the next opportunity that comes along.

Recruitment process
Recruitment process

How We Put You Out There During The Recruitment Process

Many candidates can feel overwhelmed and powerless during a job-search, often made worse by poor communication from prospective employers and agencies. As a construction recruitment specialist, Higgins & McNulty walks with prospective employees each step of the way. First, we help potential candidates fine-tune their C.V. This ensures a good first impression with prospective employers and helps the candidate get selected for a role. We then support the negotiation of fees and terms of employment ensuring that you receive the right package for the role. Higgins & McNulty do extensive research on all prospective employers before placing prospective employees. There is nothing worse than being put forward for an inappropriate role and being knocked back, we make sure we match the candidates who have the best chance of success. By driving this focus on skill-set we provide candidates with a greater chance of securing employment after the recruitment process.

Successful Construction Recruitment

Higgins & McNulty is a specialist construction recruitment agency that helps employees secure roles with good remuneration and real prospects of employment. Our team has worked extensively in the construction industry with 50 years of experience within the team – we understand what employers are looking for. Our team has extensive experience building C.V.s and can help candidates stand out against the competition, increasing the chance of successful employment. We work with candidates each step of the way, alerting them to suitable positions, fine-tuning their C.V., building interview skills if required. Furthermore, we have experience in the negotiation process ensuring that candidates secure the best conditions possible. We pride ourselves on helping prospective employees secure successful placements and gain experience on challenging projects that fulfill them and build their skill-set even further.

Recruitment process

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