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Recruitment agency offering professional C.V. writing to help prospective construction candidates.

professional CV writing service

The Importance of a C.V. and Professional C.V. Writing

Your C.V. will often make or break whether a particular employer will hire you in the construction industry. Highlighting your experience and your particular skills is a must. The construction industry is a competitive one and often employers will have different needs or require a specific skillset sometimes to ensure that their projects are completed on time in order to meet deadlines. At Higgins & McNulty we understand the importance of having a C.V. that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Presenting yourself in the best light – displaying your expertise and an array of skills are the key points to convey in a C.V. (amongst others!). At Higgins & McNulty we do not just help employers recruit employees. Our recruitment agents also offer specialist services to employees – we help prospective employees make top-notch C.V.’s to help them secure the best jobs available. Our team consists of a group of construction recruitment specialists who know have extensive knowledge of the industry.

Does My C.V. Maximise My Opportunities?

If your C.V. is relatively up to date and needs very little work, our team will just help proofread it and make sure there are no obvious errors. A C.V. which is well structured and concise with superb grammar will make your name stand out above the rest in a pool of candidates. If your C.V. is a little out of date and requires more attention, our managers will assist you. Our experts have extensive knowledge of what the industry requires and what signals peak an employer’s interest. Even if your C.V. is relatively up to date and you are just not sure about it, our recruitment agents are more than happy to look it over if you want more extensive input. If you are in a heavily competitive pool, our assistance will help to give your C.V. that extra edge, helping you to stand out amongst your competitors. during the recruitment process.

professional CV writing service
professional CV writing service

Additional Factors When Compiling Your C.V.

As alluded to above, a good C.V. is one that has structure, concise language, and grammar. Obviously, certain factors may determine the type of assistance that you will need, other than that of the state of your C.V. Your level of expertise and the type of job that you are applying for are important factors in determining the type of support that you will need. We can help you to present your certificates to prospective employers as help you with interview skills.

As indicated above, the more competitive your field the better your chances of securing a place on a project if you utilise the assistance of our experts to present your C.V. Due to our agencies expertise, your C.V. will vastly improve and help you stand out in the industry. Furthermore, using our team will be highly beneficial to you as a prospective employee, this is because they will give you guidance on what to use in your C.V.

Professional C.V. Writing For Candidates

A C.V. is a must, it is the one thing that all the potential employers look at when hiring construction workers for their project. It is also the first form of contact that you will make with a project manager or a potential long-term employer. They say first impressions count – so make a stellar first impression with the best C.V. possible.

Higgins & McNulty has an experienced team of individuals who are at the top of their game and have a firm understanding of what is required from prospective employers. Furthermore, our team has years of experience backing up this understanding enabling Higgins & McNulty to react quickly to developments in the recruitment process, amending and fine-tuning as necessary to keep your C.V. at the top of the pile.

As a specialist construction recruitment agency based in London, the Higgins & McNulty team will help prospective employees not only with our professional C.V. and cover letter writing service but by finding the job that suits them best, ensuring successful projects and long-term positions on construction teams.

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