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Professional Cover Letter

What Is a Professional Cover Letter?

Prospective employers would usually expect a cover letter to accompany a resume in response to a job application. This letter should be no more than a page and highlight why you are interested in the role, and some relevant skills from your CV. This letter can serve as the foundation for a successful interview, and subsequently a successful placement in a construction firm.

A professional cover letter is quite a useful thing really, it can be used to add a unique perspective to the skills you have to offer, pinpointing those relevant to the role you are applying for. This can save having to bespoke your CV to the role. Furthermore, such a letter should provide the prospective employer with a better insight into the type of person who is applying for the role. A professional cover letter can give you the edge and make you stand out from the crowd.

Higgins & McNulty, as a specialist construction recruiting agent, helps prospective employees in many forms. One of the services we offer to prospective recruits to help in their recruitment process is to help with writing a professional cover letter. A professional cover letter will give you that extra edge when seeking the construction job of your dreams.

How Do We Help With Your Professional Cover Letter?

Our team at Higgins & McNulty consists of experienced individuals who are used to getting the attention of prospective employers in the construction industry. In constructing a professional cover letter, our team will cover the following – Greeting, opening including the role you are applying for and why you are interested, relevance, specific skills, what you think you offer, close. These aspects give you the opportunity to demonstrate professionalism, personality, and why you are the right fit for the role.

While some of the information will be in your CV, the cover letter is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the sections of your CV that really fit the role, and demonstrate a more personal touch, enabling you to reveal some personality. This requires a balancing act between delivering a professional tone while conveying the type of individual that you are. Our team has experience balancing the tone between professional and personal and will share their expertise to help you make the best impression.

Professional Cover Letter
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Other Recruitment Tips

Your cover letter must be unique to the role you are applying for – this will immediately put you in good stead. Firstly, review the role profile – identify keywords the recruiter has used and use the same keywords in your cover letter when talking about your skills. For example, if the profile calls for “leadership” instead of saying that you have managed a team of six people, say that you lead a team of six people. It may seem subtle, but in using these keywords you demonstrate an understanding of the requirements and show an affinity with the prospective employer. Demonstrate that you have researched the company that you are applying to work for.

Don’t be afraid to highlight all the great skills you will bring to the company.

Finally, proofread and then proofread again. Consider getting a friend to read your application as well. Sometimes when you have crafted an application and spent a lot of time working on it is easy to become word-blind, and taking a break before proof-reading, or getting fresh eyes can highlight something that has been missed. At Higgins & McNulty, we are experienced in being that second pair of eyes.


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In summary, a cover letter is often overlooked but can be a contributing factor to being successfully placed in the construction project of your choice.

The team at Higgins & McNulty are construction recruitment specialist and have an expert understanding of the construction industry, and with this understanding, we can help you craft the ultimate career. We offer many services to prospective recruits. The services that we offer also consist of professional C.V writing, and helping candidates with their interview skills, in addition to assisting prospective employees, compile cover letters. Our team will guide you through all the recruitment steps in order to give you the best possible chance to succeed; contributing towards a successful placement in the construction company of your dreams.

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