Our Mission

Higgins & McNulty stand by our mission to recruit the best in construction expertise and match them to fulfilling careers with industry leaders.

Our Purpose : Recruiting The Best In Construction

Higgins & McNulty is a construction recruitment agency based in London that is recruiting the best in the construction industry. We are there to match and recruit construction workers for various construction industry jobs. With a vast amount of experienced individuals of over 20 years, we are here to meet employers' needs and workers' wants. Helping construction workers optimise their C.V., cover letters and interview skills, we ensure they find jobs that are best suited to them. We want to make sure that project managers are getting the right fit of workers for their new venture so that it runs smoothly and the result is flawless. Instead of sticking to one location, we work with people all across the country. Recruiting candidates from all over the UK means that there are endless opportunities for jobs and hiring. We want to make sure we are inclusive ensuring that our service is offered to as many people as possible.

recruit the best in construction expertise
recruit the best in construction expertise

Our Promise to You

We ensure that both employees and employers are satisfied and get the most out of what we offer. Perspective construction workers will have their CVs, cover letters, and interview techniques improved so that they have the best possible chance of getting hired. Special skills will be highlighted to make workers stand out in their perspective field. Whether it’s tiling or plumbing, there is no job within the sector that we won’t help you with. Repeat clients will be treasured and new clients always have the opportunity to join our service. We give project managers and employers free reign with full access to the candidate database so they can hand-select their perfect worker. As well as this, if you need extra help, we are always there to match the perfect skilled worker for the job in order to continue recruiting the best in construction. There will never be a shortage in our customer service and our main priority is you.

Our Goal As Construction Recruitment Specialists

With London and other parts of the UK seeing a massive increase in the number of construction projects over the years, we want to meet this demand. Project managers are finding it harder to find skilled workers for their jobs and workers don’t know how to pitch in the most effective way. We want to take both these challenges by providing a service that will create excellent synergy between both employers and employees. No matter the type of construction, we want to ensure that anyone can come and use us and leave feeling satisfied. The relationship between us and our clients is important and we want to provide the best service possible to ensure we can help them throughout their entire careers. We want anyone to feel comfortable approaching our recruitment specialists for help and hope to expand our customer base with more happy clients.

recruit the best in construction expertise

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