Interview Skills

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interview skills

Preparing for Your Job Interview

Your interview is your opportunity to sell the aspects of yourself that aren’t always clear on your C.V. or professional cover letter – your personality, your passion, your work ethic.  To do this successfully, the key is to be prepared.  The more prepared you are, the less nervous you will be.  Basic preparation should include research on the company that you are applying to work with – show them what you know about them and tell them why you would be a great fit.  You should also think about your C.V. and the questions it is likely to prompt – be prepared to answer those questions.  Consider how you are going to demonstrate your work ethic during the recruitment process.  If you had the opportunity to do an elevator pitch to the boss of your new company, how would you sell yourself?  Sometimes interviewers can throw “curveball” questions at you to see how you think on your feet.  If that happens, and you are well prepared, you will often be able to turn the question into an opportunity to demonstrate your strengths, or if it really flummoxes you, tell them that explain why you are flummoxed, and ask how they wanted the question to be answered.  This shows you remain calm in a difficult situation, and that rather than waffle, you ask for more information rather than be hasty.

How We Can Help To Improve Interview Skills

Our team is used to coaching candidates through interviews for the construction industry.  We start by focussing on your CV and picking out the key points that you will want to highlight in your interview.  We will help you research the company you are applying to so that you can demonstrate your knowledge of their business.  We will even provide a list of “curveball questions” so you can see some of the things other people have been asked in the interview.  As a  construction recruitment specialist, we will explain why some of these questions have been asked, and how they could apply to the business world so that you are not surprised or thrown off track if you get asked something similar.

We will help you compile a list of questions for potential employers, so when they ask you “Do you have any questions for us?” you will have one or two ready to go.

Finally, we know that many people are nervous and uncomfortable at the thought of an interview.  We will conduct a series of mock interviews with candidates to help them feel more comfortable in this formal arena.  We will also take this opportunity to assess your body language and any gestures you may subconsciously be using that give away your nerves.


interview skills
interview skills

Other Interview Tips

It may seem obvious but BE ON TIME.  To many businesses time really is money, and being respectful of the time the interviewers are giving to your interview shows that you are conscientious and that you value your potential colleagues.  If you are travelling to an interview, make sure you check your route in advance – are there any roadworks planned, or is the train you plan to get running that day?  Allow enough time for you to have a coffee when you arrive, rather than be rushed to get there on time.  While personal appearance (hair, make-up, tattoos) is a matter of choice and doesn’t reflect your ability to do a job, somebody who turns up for an interview clean, and smartly dressed will usually always make a better first impression than somebody who turns up looking dirty and slovenly.

Talk. Small talk will often break the ice, and help you relax into an interview.

At the end of the interview, be sure to ask what happens next – will they be notifying all candidates or only the successful candidates, what is the timeframe?

As you get up to leave, make sure that you thank the interviewer for their time.

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