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The UK construction industry accounts for approximately 3 million jobs, a staggering 10% of total UK employment.
Construction industry recruitment

An Overview of The Construction Industry

The construction industry in the UK is a huge market, with London and other areas seeing a huge rise in projects over the years. It’s definitely a fast-growing market that will never get old. If you’re skilled in any industry within construction, you’re bound to find yourself put to hard and rewarding work. You know you’re working towards something when working in construction, and it can be a rewarding job.

Higgins & McNulty specialise in construction industry recruitment and aim to make use of your talents by matching you with project managers based on your skillset. They offer many services to prepare you for the working world of construction and so you can be as successful as possible. It’s good to have some insight into some facts and figures about the industry, and what it entails becoming a part of it. Below are some basic facts about how you’ll be affected as an employee.

The Construction Industry in the UK

Construction is a broad industry with many different branches coming off of it. Two people could have completely different jobs but still be classed as working in construction. The types of jobs can range from mining and forestry to building and infrastructure.

The industry is a huge support on the UK’s economy, with an output of more than £110 billion per annum. 60% of this construction is for newly built projects whereas 40% is put into refurbishment and maintenance. This shows that the industry is constantly growing and therefore you can never be short of workers to help with each new project. As the world adapts, more buildings are needed and things change, so this is an industry that’ll never die out.

3 million jobs in the UK are accounted for by the construction industry, showing how large it is. There are three main sectors which are commercial and social, residential, and infrastructure. Commercial and social is the largest sector in the UK and infrastructure only accounts for 15% of the industry. This gives a good idea of what to specialise in if you’re looking at starting in construction.

Construction industry
Construction industry

Employees in the Construction Industry

A large proportion of the construction industry involves self-employed workers. They either have their own business or put themselves out as a freelancer for independent projects. When it comes to working for yourself, the employees have to ensure their safety when working in the field. As long as they use the right protective gear and project managers have given them the heads up that the area is safe, they’re good to go. Obviously, there are government regulations they have to follow but they don’t have to follow any policies you may have when working for a company.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) advises that someone should only carry out construction work if they have the relevant skills, knowledge and training. Otherwise, a company should provide training for the employee before starting work. Employers need to follow the HSE rules and procedures to protect their workers and ensure both the employee's safety and their own. Construction industry recruitment involves a wide knowledge of construction regulations and legislation.

Higgins & McNulty; Construction Industry Recruitment

If you have the skillset, Higgins & McNulty can help you take the next step with getting work through our construction recruitment process. You now know how the construction industry works within the UK, so this is a start. If you’re unsure about how to compile a C.V. or you struggle with communication in interviews, you won’t for much longer. Higgins & McNulty provide a wide array of services by working with you and project managers to ensure they find the right fit for both of you. Before you know it, you’ll be stepping into the construction industry as a worker. All you have to do now is book a consultation with Higgins & McNulty, leading UK construction recruitment specialist,  and begin your journey.

Construction industry

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