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Higgins & McNulty have been recruiting for the UK construction industry for over 20 years! We are a leading specialist construction recruitment agency.

specialist construction recruitment agency

Our Expert Construction Recruitment Agency

Higgins and Mcnulty is a specialist construction agency. What does this mean? This means that Higgins and Mcnulty provide a specialist service in which they match/ recruit construction workers for jobs. Think of this service as a specialised LinkedIn for those in the construction industry. The idea is that you approach us and based on your CV we match you to the job best suited to your skills.
This sounds simple if you take a glance at it however, it is not that simple. There are some skills and experience required – when working with site managers, for instance, they may request one thing on paper but after a verbal discussion, it may appear that what they want is actually a little bit different. It takes experience and an understanding of both what the recruiter wants and the recruited needs to guarantee a successful matchup. Thus, talent and experience are key. Check out all our construction job opportunities today!

How We Operate as a Specialist Construction Recruitment Agency

It is all quite simple really; it is a matter of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Our team consists of individuals who have bucket loads of experience in the construction industry ranging from one to two decades. Our team deals with a mixture of repeat and new clients. As many may know London and other areas of England have seen a massive rise in the number of projects over the years, due to new developments such as luxury resorts and offices experiencing an increase in demand. This influx of demand has led to a shortage of skills – site managers often struggle to find the specific construction workers or the individuals that they need to complete construction. Enter Higgins & McNulty, site managers approach us looking for a particular group of workers or individuals with a uniquely placed skill that will help ensure the feasibility of their project. We offer the best recruitment services to construction employers.

specialist construction recruitment agency

What We Need From You

In the case of construction workers, we require a CV that outlines all the experience that you have had to date. We recommend highlighting special skills such as tiling, plumbing, or welding to help us ensure we find the right job for you. If you are uncertain about your CV or think it could be improved, our team at Higgins and McNulty are more than happy to help ensure that your CV is more than adequate.
In the case of site managers and project managers or those looking for construction workers, we require a thorough outline of what you are looking for. This means highlighting skills which are necessary, those which are a welcome bonus. If the description is admittedly vague or broad, we have found that it helps to know what types of skills are unnecessary or not needed for the job at hand. This will ensure successful matchups.

Construction Recruitment At It's Best

Higgins and Mcnulty is a specialist construction recruitment agency firm based in the UK. Our purpose is to link construction workers to jobs that suit them based on the requirements outlined by the project managers looking for more hands. Our specialty lies in assisting construction workers outline their skillsets and helping them have the best chance possible of securing work by helping them make a top-notch C.V.
As a leading construction recruitment specialist, we assist project managers by providing them with construction workers best suited to what they require for the task at hand. We have extensive experience in the construction industry and understand what is needed to ensure successful matchups to projects. A successful matchup ensures and reflects itself in the success of the project and its completion. We are more than happy to work with repeat clients or new clients as both are indicators of our quality service and expanding business.

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