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Welcome to Higgins & McNulty, a specialist recruitment agency providing construction industry recruitment in the UK. We source and match skilled construction professionals and contractors to the right role.

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      As a leading UK construction recruitment consultancy firm, with a passion for both recruitment and construction, your career and your industry are in safe hands.

      Construction Recruitment Specialist

      Our construction experts help recruit candidates from across the UK, including Bristol, Southampton, Brighton, Maidstone, Bromley Cambridge, Luton, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Leicester, Belfast, and Glasgow. At our head office in London, we will be able to offer you comprehensive career advice, such as tailoring your CV, Interview techniques, and writing cover letters. We go the extra mile to ensure your success. Higgins & McNulty are here to support construction talent in order to find them a fulfilling career within their chosen industry.

      Construction Recruitment Specialist

      With more than 20+ year’s experience in the construction industry, Higgins & McNulty is able to tailor bespoke recruitment solutions for both candidates and clients.  Our passion for the UK construction industry is unparalleled, and we strive to support it via the provision of expert construction talent to reputable industry employers. We advertise job vacancies that cover the four major types of construction. This includes residential building, institutional and commercial building, specialized industrial construction, infrastructure and heavy construction.

      Construction Specialist Recruitment

      Our specialist consultancy approach allows us to work with our clients agreeing the best recruitment strategy for each vacancy. All employers who work with us have access to our prospective candidate database. We offer tailored recruitment consultancy services to fill any skills gaps that are identified. When an employer is searching for the right candidate with the necessary skills to fill a position, Higgins & McNulty can source the appropriate candidate, with the necessary expertise, that will successfully fulfill our client's requirements and expectations.

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      Construction Recruitment Specialist

      About Higgins & McNulty, Construction Recruitment Specialist

      As a specialist recruitment agency providing construction industry recruitment in the UK, at Higgins & McNulty we dedicate ourselves to providing you with a diverse range of fantastic career opportunities, utilising our well-established presence and reputation within the industry. We have cultivated strong relationships with numerous regional and multi-national firms which allows us to provide you with a steady stream of career paths. If you are a highly skilled candidate seeking a senior position within this competitive industry, you will have no problem finding the perfect employment opportunity when you work with us. Whether you’re looking for freelance work or a permanent position our handpicked team of experienced recruitment consultants and managers will be able to match you to your perfect job. Specialising in a number of sectors within the construction industry – our consultants can use their insight and knowledge to best understand your career aspirations. Twenty-five years of experience in the construction industry has given Higgins & McNulty a solid reputation and deep understanding of construction recruitment.

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